Tuesday, June 1

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Wednesday, May 5

Kelly Wearstler

This interactive profile in T Magazine on Kelly Wearstler helped me appreciate some of her home accessory endeavors for the first time. Bold (of course) but down-to-earth. via LA in Bloom

Emma Kunz

Better RECOGNIZE. Emma was a healer, researcher and artist who was telepathic and had divine powers:
"Even in her schooldays, Emma Kunz occupied herself with exceptional happenings. When she was 18 years old, she began to use her abilities of telepathy, prophecy and as a healer, and she began to exercise her divining pendulum."
Her bio goes on to say she was dedicated to activating "powers that lie dormant in everyone" and discovered a healing rock that is, to this day, approved by the Swiss Agency of Therapeutic Products. And then there was her art, which people believe her knowledge is "coded" within. via but does it float

Tuesday, May 4

Jamie Shelman

Her shop, blog and jealous-inducing life. Huge girl crush, obv. via Black*Eiffel

Mushroom logs

Been kind of obsessed with the idea of having a few of these indoors. I want to find them in the forest but who am I kidding? Sure enough, there are lots of opportunities to buy online if you're feeling lazy. Photo above by Ann Wood.

Friday, March 12

Their own alphabet

The State Library of New South Wales in Australia embarked on a customized alphabet project with Frost, in an attempt to bring more awareness to various objects in their collection. Exquisite! via Human Resources


A wealth of inspiration at Sheaff : ephemera. via Oh Joy!

Thursday, March 11

Aakash Nihalani

Jockin' everything Aakash does, but I love the whimsicality of his public art the best. His Flickr stream is also worth following. via Flavorwire

From Aakash's statement:
"I'm not trying to push a certain highbrow logic or philosophy or purposefully communicate through the esoteric medium of art. I work instinctively, trying to follow my gut about the sensation of color and space, and have fun doing it.

People need to understand that how it is isn't how it has to be."