Thursday, February 28

Reading as of late...

Advertising Got Better by Paula Scher
I am generally interested in advertising-design fusion these days. Advertising-design fusion... sounds like a new restaurant theme. Anyway, see second article to fully understand why there may be this void she is describing.

Fuck style by Eric Karjaluoto
This article annoyed me a bit because it could easily have been misconstrued. It's on the verge of sounding stuffy and stuck in its own bubble. It makes it seem like designers who adhere to these principals would not be able to get along or collaborate with those whose job is to make aesthetic choices. But this article points to noble aspirations, and is a peek at how nerdy designers can be.

Personas and the Role of Design Documentation by Andrew Hinton
Very much related to my work these days, so it was an interesting read. You may have a big question mark over your head if you aren't familiar with user experience culture though.

Letter From Poland: True Crime by David Grann
The full article is not online, but if you can get your hands on the 2/11/08 edition of The New Yorker, this is a fun must-read. I almost missed my stop on three separate occasions because I was so engrossed.

Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business by Chris Anderson
Practical. I would say forward-thinking too but if you did some critical thinking about the Internets, you would've come to the same conclusion. Anderson just does an amazing job of illuminating it.

Tuesday, February 26

think/feel hosts a screening

In honor of my friends over at Remedee, think/feel is hosting our very first event. We want to share with you a special advanced screening of Remedee's pilot program, Reel Lives, which consists of five powerful documentary films made by teenagers from a gang-infested neighborhood in Los Angeles. Here's the trailer:

If you're interested in any aspect of youth empowerment through storytelling and film, you'll want to see this. It has been amazing what Remedee has been able to accomplish from the ground-up in just a year. Please feel free to pass this wide and far to those who are in the area and may be interested, but note that space is limited and a seat at the screening will require a RSVP. We hope to see you there! Here's the info:

Remedee, in partnership with think/feel, presents

The Reel Lives Project
Short Films by Extraordinary Youth

Saturday, March 8
8:00 reception
8:30 screening
merriment to follow

Special guest Remedee co-founder and Executive Director, Mara Abrams
Special guest DJ, LuiseƱo

Bedford-Stuyveant, Brooklyn
Contact us for the exact location

Space is limited! Please RSVP

Saturday, February 23

ITP goes to MoMA

Starting tomorrow, a new exhibition at MoMA entitled Design and the Elastic Mind will feature a bunch of works that explore the intersection of science and design. Five of these projects belong to ITP alumni, two of which belong to my class of 2007. I'm so proud!

My (slightly biased) favorite is Demetrie's Hypothetical Drawings About the End of the World, which I have witnessed him develop since 2005. The results are 72" x 22" giclee social landscape prints, the content generated by the very particular parsing of Internet searches. Really, these images do not do the drawings justice; you have until May 12 to see them in person.

Saturday morning lust

I love everything about this rug.

Chiesa Yellow (Nepalese, 100 knot Tibetan Wool) from The Rug Company

[via Apartment Therapy]

Thursday, February 21

I would wear this

oooh, Finnish textiles; consistently noteworthy. The designer of the print above, Maija Louekari (best known for her designs for Marimekko) is only 26!

man, I really miss living in Scandinavia sometimes.

[via Oh Joy!]

Tuesday, February 19

Shake it

I like Grant Hamilton's Polaroid work very much. I don't think his Flickr page is the most ideal place for them though. I prefer a more minimalist experience, so best to view the series as a conceptual whole here. More Albers than Rothko, I think; I always love a solid homage to colors and lines, simple shapes and compositions. His upcoming show in Seattle features GINORMOUS Polaroids which I'd like to see in person, or maybe just learn how to make 'em. Now, allow me to douse you in some of my favorites:

[via swissmiss]

Monday, February 18

Na na na na na

When I was in 6th grade, we had cable for a few months (a rare treat), and Clarissa Explains It All was the sole reason I defaced my room and started wearing funky earrings every day. This was my introduction to suburban punk rock - which may be watered down but what sheltered girls so so need. So much cooler this Hannah Montana I keep hearing about nowadays, but I may be biased. This post officially makes me feel 87 years old.

Sunday, February 17

Dora Jung

Every day is show-and-tell day here on the Internets. This particular show-and-tell for Dora Jung (discovered via hoping for happy accidents) makes me a bit sad though because her work is not something I want to just stare at on a computer screen. I feel similarly about most design shared and discussed online. That is, just a few photos but not based on any real in-person experiences. I often fall in this trap where I'll read about, for example, a museum exhibition, and then discuss it the next day at lunch or start recommending the exhibition to people as if I went myself! See here as I gush about Dora Jung's work. And who's to say I can't base my judgments off of a few poor-quality photos? Still, I feel something is missing, which is, I didn't know about her in 2003 when I was in Finland (also the year I was introduced to Scandinavian design), so I hope I get another chance to see these textiles in person one day.

Below are two of Jung's tablecloths: 100 Roses and Play of Lines.

Saturday, February 2

Nina Katchadourian

I studied a bit of Nina's work in 2006 (mostly her sound pieces) and have since been a huge fan of her art which spans many many mediums and subjects.

The Mended Spiderweb series is filed under a subject called Uninvited Collaborations with Nature:

[Mended Spiderweb #8 (Fish Patch), Cibachrome, 20 x 20 inches, 1998]

I like how this reminds me of Brooklyn:

[GRNAD OPENING, C-print, 16 x 23 inches, 2006]

Sorted Books project - poetry and statements made by stacking the spines of books:

[Shark Journal, C-prints, each 12.5 x 19 inches, 2001]