Sunday, January 27

Yellow mums, polka dots, chevron stripes, shepherd's pie...

... all make winter a bit more bearable.

Matt Stuart

Forgot how I stumbled on this photographer, Matt Stuart, but I was delighted.

On daschunds

[photo by wliow via flickr]

As soon as I become more responsible/willing to wake up at 7 AM every morning to go on walks (even when it is 20° F out), I'm going to get me one of these little buggers.

Monday, January 21

Winter activities

- Wearing a big puffy jacket that makes me look like a robot
- Yoga
- Watching PBS

- Indoor gardening

- Not going outside
- Not going grocery shopping
- Noodle soup in all Asiatic varieties

Thursday, January 3

Geometry of Circles

Philip Glass + Sesame Street: I was so happy to receive a heavy dose of nostalgia this morning, and be able to appreciate it in a different way, two decades later:

[via VSL]

Wednesday, January 2

Cuban graphic design

mmm... graphic design from socialist countries is always so good.

[posted by Alki1 via Flickr]

Can't find anything on this poster's designer, Ñiko Pérez, though.