Wednesday, September 30

Tauba Auerbach

Tauba's work explores the philosophical conflicts of order/chaos/randomness, 2D/3D, past/present, being here/being there/being here and there, etc./etc./etc. So, pretty much my head-space completely, but her visual output is phenomenal and something I totally respect.

Her solo exhibit, HERE AND NOW/AND NOWHERE, is currently at Deitch Projects in SoHo until October 17. I'm going to try and check it out soon. via VIVA VENA CAVA

Tuesday, September 29

Sam Winston

I think my heart just skipped a beat: Sam Winston's explorations with words and information culminating in visual narrative masterpieces.

He's currently looking for funding for his Dictionary Story project in order to reproduce many copies and make it more accessible to everyone. via swismiss

Monday, September 28

Last Friday

With Ally (the NY stowaway) in Williamsburg...

Anorak from Built By Wendy on sale from their spring line. Due to a footwear malfunction (thanks to my $1 thrift store shoes), I also bought Minnetonka moccasins which are absolutely not overrated; they make your feet as happy as papooses.

Lunch at Saltie, which is a new favorite. Everything was divine; I'm going back this week to try more things.

(Photos of Saltie's food are by Kathy, who also has a cool food blog. In the meantime, I'm trying to be better with by own visual documentation.)

Wednesday, September 23

Love Triangles of Cavalli's L'Ormindo

Pretty much in love with this website that explores the love triangles in Cavalli's rarely seen opera, L'Ormindo. It's the perfect balance of simple and complex. The site is by This is Real Art in London; Cavalli's L'Ormindo opens at Sydney's Pinchgut Opera in December. via Human Resources

Tuesday, September 22

Three floors of Sol LeWitt!!


Monday, September 21

Tattoos by Amanda Wachob

Completely floored by Amanda's body art. I get turned off by most tattoos; they are usually completely unoriginal. This, though, is such a breath of fresh air. via Inspiration Resource

Friday, September 18


CONFETTISYSTEM. Kinda high-brow Party City, but obsessed anyway.

Thursday, September 17

Huts for Woodbutchers and Trolls

Artist/Bookseller Matt Borruso on collecting architecture and counterculture books for their cover imagery:
"I am interested in the attempts and failures of many radical ideologies. The failure of the 60's/ 70's counterculture, the commodification of punk rock, the embrace of the dystopian over the utopian dream ... these are all well known. In these books though I find the beauty of small success, the DIY spirit, the dismissal of a dominant world. I am also interested in the aesthetics of these ideologies and their tenacious ability to outlast the movements themselves. The images and style of once radical subcultures are hollowed out, resurrected, and resold as something new. The look of these structures and the ideologies that surrounded their construction and habitation have now become mainstream. We currently consume the aesthetic of this failed moment in history as 'green' fashion and lifestyle. Ecological becomes Environmental. The Om symbol is stamped on an 'enlightenment' credit card available from Visa."