Monday, March 9

Eley Kishimoto's Flash pattern on wallpaper, a dress and many other things. Would've wanted the pattern in a pair of tights but they are not to be found. (via Urban Outfitters: Blog)

Thomas Forsyth's drawings from spinning tops using pens as the spindle. (via Core77)

Photograph from Marc Tremitiere: The Baby Deliverer, one of the 2-minute stories of New York characters told using sound and images from New York Times' One in 8 Million series. Really moving - as if I couldn't fall in love with this city even more. (via swissmiss)

ginza Polaroid giclée by Fernanda Montoro. (via Oh Joy!)

Wednesday, March 4

Stills of Zooey Deschanel in Catch a Tuesday, a short film directed by Autumn de Wilde for Oliver People's 2009 campaign. Kinda Breakfast at Tiffany's meets The Royal Tennenbaums. (this post inspired by Ally)