Monday, February 18

Na na na na na

When I was in 6th grade, we had cable for a few months (a rare treat), and Clarissa Explains It All was the sole reason I defaced my room and started wearing funky earrings every day. This was my introduction to suburban punk rock - which may be watered down but what sheltered girls so so need. So much cooler this Hannah Montana I keep hearing about nowadays, but I may be biased. This post officially makes me feel 87 years old.


  1. I'll throw my hat into the ring of becoming slightly disenfranchised from the CEIA (Clarissa Explains It All) nexus. Being neither a suburbanite or a girl however, i feel like i might have been turned inside out somehow because of it, i/e. now a complacent urban dweller.

    but you might know this to be untrue, and why>>>? Do you remember the episode where she pretended to be someone's cousin and went to the furthest extremes in goth-punk fashion but added a New Jersey accent? Or better yet, how about after the CEIA era in a made for tv movie where she plays a parent killing sex addict?

    Which leads me to this:

    Have you ever noticed how the "WORD VERIFICATION' box (when posting comments such as this) strikes a similar resemblance to the term "WORLD GENTRIFICATION" ?

    Back to CEIA, do you think in all her exploratory nature, that Clarissa, found herself post-high school at some liberal arts college in the North East, then onto Brooklyn ? Part of the first few waves of white plight into the city's then decayed and cheap housing market?

  2. I know for a fact Clarissa Darling lives in South Williamsburg next to a Brooklyn Industries near the JMZ