Thursday, February 28

Reading as of late...

Advertising Got Better by Paula Scher
I am generally interested in advertising-design fusion these days. Advertising-design fusion... sounds like a new restaurant theme. Anyway, see second article to fully understand why there may be this void she is describing.

Fuck style by Eric Karjaluoto
This article annoyed me a bit because it could easily have been misconstrued. It's on the verge of sounding stuffy and stuck in its own bubble. It makes it seem like designers who adhere to these principals would not be able to get along or collaborate with those whose job is to make aesthetic choices. But this article points to noble aspirations, and is a peek at how nerdy designers can be.

Personas and the Role of Design Documentation by Andrew Hinton
Very much related to my work these days, so it was an interesting read. You may have a big question mark over your head if you aren't familiar with user experience culture though.

Letter From Poland: True Crime by David Grann
The full article is not online, but if you can get your hands on the 2/11/08 edition of The New Yorker, this is a fun must-read. I almost missed my stop on three separate occasions because I was so engrossed.

Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business by Chris Anderson
Practical. I would say forward-thinking too but if you did some critical thinking about the Internets, you would've come to the same conclusion. Anderson just does an amazing job of illuminating it.

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