Sunday, February 17

Dora Jung

Every day is show-and-tell day here on the Internets. This particular show-and-tell for Dora Jung (discovered via hoping for happy accidents) makes me a bit sad though because her work is not something I want to just stare at on a computer screen. I feel similarly about most design shared and discussed online. That is, just a few photos but not based on any real in-person experiences. I often fall in this trap where I'll read about, for example, a museum exhibition, and then discuss it the next day at lunch or start recommending the exhibition to people as if I went myself! See here as I gush about Dora Jung's work. And who's to say I can't base my judgments off of a few poor-quality photos? Still, I feel something is missing, which is, I didn't know about her in 2003 when I was in Finland (also the year I was introduced to Scandinavian design), so I hope I get another chance to see these textiles in person one day.

Below are two of Jung's tablecloths: 100 Roses and Play of Lines.

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  1. i'm feeling what you mean, and I'd like to say something insightful into the whole virtual/cyber experience vs real experience comparison, but my mind is fried, editing a 23min kids video since yesterday! Though I have to represent for good 'ol human experience, gotta say, online experience being cool and unique and all, but ultimately meaning less (not meaningless, but having a lesser degree of meaning...) Uh, yeah. hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend! peace.