Saturday, December 29

Prints of the moment

As per usual, I'm going through my bookmarks. This time I realize I have a number of art/posters saved. Perhaps I'll be loving owners to all these prints one day.

All the independent, affordable art made possible by the Internets these days is so wonderful.

[L-R: toro giclee by Jen Ray via Etsy, $20 (4.4" x 4.75" image on 8.5" x 11" paper); Many Mountains archival pigment print by Ky Anderson via 20x200, $20 (8.5" x 11") - $2000 (30" x 40")]

These are posters are from Billboard's The 25 Best Rock Posters of All Time. I also really liked the James Brown, Pearl Jam, Beatles and Jimi Hendrix posters, but couldn't find them online anywhere for a reasonable price. Apparently, only 6 known copies remain of that Beatles poster. As for the others, I can only dream of coming across one of them someday at a thrift store. I still love Jason Munn's work the best when it comes to band posters though.

[L-R: Thelonius Monk at Town Hall, New York City, 1959 by Dennis Loren via, $24.99 (17" x 24"); Elvis Costello by Hammerpress, $50 (15.25" x 22.25"); Johnny Cash in Concert, 1967 by Dennis Loren via, $24.99 (15" x 23")]

Though she is everywhere these days, I'm actually not a huge Jill Bliss fan. However, I did really like these.

[native herb posters printed with soy-based inks on 100% recycled matte cardstock by Jill Bliss, $16 each (16" x 20") or $29 for a set of 3;]

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