Saturday, May 17

Vicente Villarin

Joanne Cordero Reyes of Vicente Villarin is the first fashion designer in awhile that has made us stop in our tracks and think. We love how the designs evoke sculpture and art, and how the forms and shapes hint at being constructed from materials other than textile, all while retaining a practical, back-to-basics sophistication that is totally wearable.

Above: many of our favorites from the Spring 2008 collection, "Distorted Sweetness"

Above: a couple of our favorites from the Fall 2008 collection, "Sculptural Essence of Romanticism"

The label is young, and very formal and couture-ish, though we'd be interested in seeing a causal side to Reyes' vision.

[via Refinery29]

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  1. I'm LOOOOOOVING that last halter top and the dress below. I doubt it's in stores, but dayamn.

    Lisa Pizza