Thursday, August 14

Pythagorean jewelry

Since the last post on jewelry in October, our attention has really turned to delicate metalwork with a focus on geometry. Really admire the craftsmanship of these creations by independent designers.

[Clockwise from top left: Triple Small Wing Oxidized Multiply Ring $70 (multiple styles for stacking) by Deka Ray (Eugenie Huang), Gold Honeycomb Necklace $65 from Small Things Studio's Stone & Honey line, Dodecahedron Pendant $58 from Jalea Jalea's (Tatiana Sánchez) Minerals & Polyhedra Collection]

Also sweet from the Stone & Honey line from Small Things Studio - this pinwheel necklace.

Disclaimer: we're not sure if these are actually examples of the Pythagorean Theorem... it's been a decade since our last math class.

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