Thursday, October 1

Wednesday luxuries

Accompanying Sophia (of the fabulous Kitchen Caravan) on a research trip in Williamsburg, we went to Marlow & Sons for lunch yesterday, which really is a luxury - not because the food is anything short of amazing, but because it is such a calm and cozy place to eat midday. I'd only been at night where it's frantic and packed and the wait is usually an hour, even on a weekday. For lunch, you can take your time, which gives you a whole new appreciation for this very special restaurant.

After a couple pit stops gawking at cheese and chocolate, there was Saltie for dessert. After this second visit, it's safe to say that their ice cream menu is probably one of the best I've encountered, ever. I got the Eton Mess ice cream and Sophia got the Anise Hyssop ice cream sandwich. Heaven. But I won't forget that Salted Caramel ice cream from last time. P.S. their lavender shortbread does not taste like aromatherapy candles.

Later in the evening, I biked with the usual boy to DUMBO for a book launch party, finishing with a late dinner at nearby Superfine with the usual suspects.

The transition from Summer to Fall is kind of drastic. The change in weather is a given, but there's also being back in that ambitious, New York head-space where hustlin' is in full swing again after months of ADD due to travel and good weather - something I need to be eased out of, slowly. Indulging in luxuries midweek is not a bad vehicle for this transition.

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