Thursday, October 18

Billyburg knows good design

Familiar gripes about Williamsburg aside, there is some great stuff to be found (and less people to encounter) if you venture off of Bedford Ave. In the spirit of gathering inspiration and ideas for a client, Kat and I went on a small design tour last Friday. No, I haven't branched off into interior design, but it's good practice to tease your senses with real-world textures, shapes, lines, colors and contrasts before making any sort of graphic statement on the screen.

I'm not going to complain about the prices (but I will make a nod toward the irony of W'burg restaurants being filled with young people on a weekday... seriously, how these people make their income to spend on expensive design is a mystery), but the design stores were accompanied by good-natured and relaxed shop-people who actually allowed us to take photos. I really love the "craftsman" feel of design of all forms these days, lying somewhere between DIY and DWR.

(Moon River Chattel - ocean and botanical-inspired mercantile at 62 Grand St b/w Wythe & Kent)

(The Future Perfect - high-end but endlessly witty and well-crafted pieces at 115 N 6th St & Berry)

(A&G Merch - next door to The Future Perfect at 111 N 6th St & Berry. Felt like a grown-up version of Urban Outfitters, in a good way.)

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