Wednesday, October 3

Vintage cravings

My latest eBay rummaging has included vintage globes. Apparently there are some serious collectors out there. I don't really know the differences in manufacturers or what makes certain globes more attractive as a collector's item though (obviously, the older the globe, the more desirable but what else?). Unlike vintage maps, globes are so much more tangible; they are these wonderful three-dimensional, tactile nuggets of history based on a mixture of facts, educational guesses and pure assumptions. I did win one on eBay recently. We'll see if this obsessions keeps up.

(globe collection from lovelydays via flickr)
I'm also looking for a 50's Steno-like chair, which is incredibly hard to find in the city for a good price since they are very much sought after. Companies that do impeccable restorations (like Twenty Gauage does for vintage steel furniture), or reproductions from manufacturers who have the license to the original designs (like DWR) fetch upwards of $500, which is just ridiculous when you're not a collector and can find the chair easily at any suburban thrift store in America for under $20. Unfortunately, you're out of luck if you don't have a car. And the chances of finding one on the street on garbage day... well, I admit I still pray to the mid-century design gods all the time for a spectacular score like that one day.

(Refurbished Steno chairs from Twenty Gauage)
I did find a couple at an office furniture resale warehouse on 6th Ave near my office today where the owner quoted me $125 for each chair. Not by Steno but of the same 1950's style. I liked them a lot. I may have to break down and buy one of them since Craigslist and eBay are not giving me any better deals, and I would spend that much on a desk chair from Staples... well, maybe about half as much but the Staples chair would no doubt go from cradle to grave in less than 5 years anyway.

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  1. hi,

    have the same chair and I love it
    but unfortuantly it broke.
    so ? do you find one ? and maybe one more for me to sell ? like your site too. klaus