Monday, October 1

The end of writing e-mails to clients whilst in my pajamas with one finger stuck in the Nutella jar.

I moved into my studio today! Working from home (or a cafe) has always sounded romantic to me, which is why I did it for the past four months. But the truth is, if you don't have discipline and are easily distracted, it can take its toll. Some days I wouldn't even leave the apartment simply because there was no reason to do so (I am the type of person who can spend three days in a row indoors without thinking anything is wrong until I get dragged to a bar and realize I've completely forgotten how to talk to people). Or I'd spend all morning reading magazines and then end up doing work late into the night. And if your only interaction all day is with a cat... needless to say, I recognized the oncoming, self-induced train wreck and got out of there.

So! I'm hoping to have the best of both worlds at this new office space in Flatiron District, which I share in a big loft with other creative freelancers and small start-ups. I am very grateful to be part of this collective full of people who manage their careers so independently. Very inspiring. Still get to keep my own hours (I refuse to commute during rush hour) and choose my projects (more or less), but now I can keep up with my socialization skills and not rummage through my cupboard every 15 minutes for snacks.

(Happy birthday, Dad!)

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